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Statement on Uber response to Supreme Court ruling

Statement on Uber response to Supreme Court ruling and new pay offer

While we welcome Uber’s decision to finally commit to paying minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions, we observe that they have arrived at the table with this offer a day late and a dollar short, literally. The Supreme Court ruled that drivers are to be recognised as workers with entitlements to the minimum wage and holiday pay to accrue on working time from log on to log off whereas Uber is committing only to these entitlements to accrue from time of trip acceptance to drop off. This means that Uber drivers will be still shortchanged to the tune of 40-50%. Also, it is not acceptable for Uber to unilaterally decide the driver expense base in calculating minimum wage. This must be subject to collective agreement.

While Uber undoubtedly has made progress here, we cannot accept anything less than full compliance with legal minimums. We would also expect to see Uber make progress towards trade union recognition, a fair dismissals appeals process and a data access agreement. James Farrar & Yaseen Aslam

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