Your data,

your power.

Worker Info Exchange is a non profit organisation dedicated to helping workers access and gain insight from
data collected from them at work.

Whether you are an Uber driver or a Deliveroo rider,  we aim to tilt the
balance away from big platforms,
in favour of the people who make these companies so successful every day
– the workers. 

Only by working together to collect and pool our data as workers can we begin to really demand a better deal at work. 

Give Worker Info Exchange your mandate to request your data for you!

About Us

Digital rights are increasingly important
in the fight for worker rights for gig economy workers who are managed and

controlled at work by hidden algorithms. Opaque automated management systems foster exploitation and discrimination. They facilitate illegal workplace practices including unfair work allocation, performance management and dismissals.

Our solution is to help workers assert their digital rights under the law so that they may take control of their data, have full transparency of how they have been subject to algorithmic management and to challenge illegal or unfair automated management decisions.

We will do this by supporting trade unions and grassroots worker organisations to access and aggregate their data with other workers through the development of data trust(s). Armed with powerful analysis, workers can better monitor their conditions at work and take action to improve things whether on the streets, in the courts or in the legislature.

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